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​“It’s all about the beer…”

These are the words you will often hear coming out of Bonesaw Brewing Co.’s Brewmaster AJ Stoll’s mouth as he is rushing around the brewery obsessing about his latest creation.  Dedication to his craft, commitment to quality and a tireless pursuit of perfection are what define him.  In the last decade, these attributes have garnered him over 100 national and international awards in some of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world.  But none of that matters to Alan John “AJ” Stoll.  His biggest critic is himself.


For AJ, the love of brewing started as a hobby back in the early 2000s while obtaining his BS in Chemistry at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  While his studies focused on organic chemistry and retrosynthetic analysis, his passion became brewing beer.  So much so, that upon graduation in 2007, he chose to forego an intended career in pharmacology to pursue a career in craft beer.

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After a few brewpub brewer gigs and a stint as manager in a very successful California homebrew shop, he earned his first brewmaster position in 2011 at Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company in Buelton, CA.  In three years, he oversaw growth of the start-up brewery from 1,200 to 20,000 bbl, along the way picking up over 70 awards, including 10 GABF and 2 World Beer Cup medals.  His Lizard’s Mouth IIPA was nominated “Best new beer of 2014”. 


That same year, AJ chose to take his skills internationally and departed to Kerry, Ireland to help start up a new brewery called Killarney Brewing Company.  In one year, he selected, installed and commissioned a 20HL BrauKon brewhouse, cellar equipment and a complete packaging and kegging line.  While there, he coached KBC into becoming one of the largest and most renowned breweries in the Republic of Ireland.

When his work in Ireland was done, AJ returned to the states, this
time landing in south Florida where he took a job as Consultant and Director of Brewing Operations for Funky Buddha Brewery.  While there, he revamped and redesigned their brewhouse, cellaring and
packaging programs and implemented QC and consistency practices in all departments, making FB one of the most renowned craft breweries in the country.  He then returned to California where he has been doing brewery consulting while looking for a new home.


Well, AJ has found his new home as Brewmaster for Bonesaw Brewing Co.  He is anxious to introduce his recipes to South Jersey and the surrounding areas.  Already world renown for his IPAs, AJ is also extremely passionate about his lagers, which most consider the pinnacle of the brewer’s craft.  He is also excited to introduce an extensive barrel program utilizing his many distillery and winery contacts around the country to source the rarest and best there is.

Beer Advocate Magazine has called AJ Stoll “…a genius.  He has created one of the most remarkable collections of artisan beers in America, perhaps the world”, and we at Bonesaw agree and are proud to introduce him to the Tri-State area as our Brewmaster. 

As always, we are Craft to the Core, and we look forward to bringing you The Cure for all Ales (and Lagers!).


Bonesaw Brewing Co.

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